Monday, March 29, 2010

Things are starting to heat up around here!!

That's a pretty cool story. Yes so transfer calls were yesterday night.... and.. I´m staying here again! With the same companion! 6 months in the same area with the same companion! That doesn´t ever happen, ever, but obviously we are here to do something important together. But even though this area is the most remote area in the mission and probably one of the most difficult, I´m still excited. The church that has been in construction since I arrived will open up in 3 weeks! Thank goodness, so no more walking 40 mins. to the church, but now just down the street, and we wont be smashing tons of people in a small little room! And we will have a baptismal font! Wow, I´m very happy. Also my companion is a awesome guy and we get along very well, and he works hard, so that will be nice here.

Other than that nothing too much different. Its starting to heat up here. Wow it can get HOT! This week is Semana Santa, (holy week) So everything is going to turn crazy. Also we have conference too. We have no idea how that is going to work out, because we will have to catch a 1 hour bus ride to the stake center, to watch it. We might have to miss conference just because we can't stay at the stake center all day. Not sure.

But we are working hard and its all worth it. Days are flying by, and we still don´t have any people or families or cool stories to write about yet, because we still are lacking in that aspect, BUT some members gave us some references so we hope to more forward with them, and help those people take that step in their lives with baptism!

Thank you for your prayers, I literally feel every day that I am getting stretched, (Haha more than I want) But definitely for the better. Have a great week and Happy Easter,
Remember to celebrate that Bunny this week! Wait that's why we have Easter right?

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