Monday, March 8, 2010

Whey! Another week disappeared!

Super duper, well this weeks been another tough one. All of our baptisms fell through again.. Hector won´t be able to be baptized it turns out... ugh not fun stuff really been happening this week so I won´t talk about it.

But we´ve been having fun singing in church every Sunday, I think we´ve been getting better. This week we prepared a special program in which we´ll sing the whole sacrament meeting with scriptures. I think it will help the members understand who really was Joseph Smith. It´s amazing the amount of people that think we worship the man.

I HIGHLY suggest reading Joseph Smith History, and then right after read Doctrine and Covenants 135. DO IT! For sure, like Sunday after church. It´ll change how you look at why we are the church we are. Or at least it did for me. I really have no doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and reading that really help me strengthen my testimony. I learned this week that our testimony is like a glass sculpture. We spend our whole lives carefully etching beautiful designs, so that when we put light on it, everyone cans see it's beauty. But Satan is throwing rocks.... That's why we always have to keep working on it. Hahaha.

A Brother in our ward liked our singing so much that he´s going to try to get us on TV this week so we can sing and share a message. That would be really cool if it´ll work out!

Ok mom, these are the things I could really use here. A flashlight that you can strap to your head, you know. Any books to help learn Creole like a dictionary! And hot chocolate. Haha and please don´t send any sunscreen or cream or soap or anything like that. I have way too much, plus I can buy it here for cheaper. Oh but do send good food!

Haha you´d laugh about the hot chocolate but wow today I woke up freezing! I was bundled up in my bed sheets studying this morning, my comp put on two pairs of socks, and we were shivering, Haha and the best part was I looked at the thermometer, and it says it was 69 degrees! Haha I´ve sure got the Dominican cold blood. Speaking of Dominican, I´ve finally mastered my accent that people don´t think I´m American anymore, they are confused because I talk like the people, but look nothing like them. So now they are starting to guess that I am Haitian. Haha. The other day my mission president told me to tell you that he is happy with the work that I am doing, and also very impressed with my Spanish too! Ha ha that made me feel a little better about the work we have been doing, because we still haven't seen any success... but we´re still working hard. But that's about all for this week.

I love you all and hope to hear from you!

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