Monday, March 15, 2010

HELLLO Family! Wahoo!

Good to hear from you all again. Sounds like you are all alive and happy! I have some pictures to send I hope they work, about the TV thing we did.

Shoot, it seems the computer doesn´t read the pictures, but oh well. I´m going to make a CD and mail it home with Loads of pictures.

But anyway we were on TV this week and it was a Blast! Channel 18, haha and it was the 4 of us missionaries. We sang and then spoke a little bit. and we sang another song, and talked about the life of a missionary. I didn´t think many people saw it, but it seems like so, because both of the companionships here have been stopped more than 5 times each because they really liked our message.

Yesterday in church we had a special musical program that I put together. It was done by the 4 of us missionaries and we had some cool piano stuff and also some neat singing. Really we have gotten pretty good and have a handful of hymns that we have learned 4 part snazzy acapella stuff. I just kind of decided that I like music and stuff on the mission I guess. The 4 of us also sang at Zone Conference and stuff too. Its fun. The program I put together was to teaching about the prophet Joseph Smith and his life and trials. We sang many hymns to help portray the story, and the members really enjoyed the program. Afterward one of the less active members we have been trying to help out came up to us and said, wow now I really know who Joseph Smith was, and why his life was so important for this gospel. Our investigators enjoyed it too. Total success!

Other than the music we haven´t had any other success. Actually it´s been extremely tough times here. Once again we´ve had to drop almost all of our progressing investigators again. But I don´t like to tell you about all my problems.

Oh this week, actually yesterday I was finally able to teach my first lesson in Creole! It was quite rewarding when i saw our investigator (who doesn´t speak a word of Spanish) understand what I taught her! Creole is a really neat sounding language. There are still lots of Haitians moving in to the city that were affected by the earthquake and are looking to start a new life. I´m glad I´ve been studying hard to be able to speak to them and help them out! But wow sometimes my head just hurts thinking in 3 languages! Total brain stretch! but I love it.

Nada, that's all for this week. My faith has been tested a lot and times are hard these days, but really I am happy, and i´ve learned to just make the best of everything, and crack lots of jokes and laugh, and I realize it´s not so bad.

I hope you all have a super week!

love you

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