Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello hello!

Ahh well I was going to send some pictures BUT the computer isn´t working. I´ll have to send them later. Yeah pretty crazy what's going on over there in Chile. I have some friends in that mission too!

But it´s been all safe and sound here. Haha, and don´t worry mom I´ve been eating too! Today we went to Bavaro, and WOW, that place is amazing! We visited Brother Probst, who has a condo right there on the beach, and it´s one of the most beautiful beach resorts ever! Ha quite an experience. I´ve never seen a more beautiful and tranquil place in my life. Haha, I´ll have to take the family there sometime! He also bought us food, hamburgers and french fries! First time in 6 months, and it was super tasty.

The work has been picking up for us here. We still haven´t been able to baptize Hector, the coconut man, but we are planning this week to have a big service for him and Jose, the retired police officer. Those two people are amazing people, so humble and willing to do whatever the Lord asks them. This week we had a stake conference, so the ward rented a bus for us and our investigators, and ward members that don´t have cars, It was a BIG bus, for 50 people. This week we worked hard and filled it half way up with investigators, (the other half members) It was an awesome sight to see. I´ll send some pictures I took of us having fun on the bus. We had a super stake conference, Con mucho GENTE!! (A lot of people!) Hopefully we can baptize a lot of the people that went. There were lots of Haitians that went, and they seem to be the most humble people around. The only problem is they are never married... and it´s super expensive to get them married here.

But the other day my companion and I were walking down the street, when a lady called out to us and said ¨hey come here!¨
We talked to her, and she led us to her friend, who pretty much asked us what he needed to do to be a member. His name is Roosevelt, and his sister is a member. They came in a group of 5 from Haiti. They lost absolutely everything in the earthquake, and when I say everything I mean, they came here with only the clothes on their back. I guess their friend is letting them all camp out in his house or something here in Higuey until they can find work. We told Roosevelt´s sister we´d teach her Spanish (because they don´t really speak any Spanish) if she would go to church again, because she has been inactive. Luckily Roosevelt does speak ok English. He is a cool guy about 22 years old, and super humble. I´m really blessed to be able to meet and teach so many humble people these days. There is nothing like teaching the gospel to someone who is sincerely interested to learn.

Other than that it´s been the same ol working up a sweat walking to appointments, knocking doors, (actually we don´t knock doors here really, you just shout out really loud, BUENAS!!! haha, it´s great) and teaching!

That's all for this week, thank you all for writing me, and stuff! Tell Ryan I miss his funny emails every week too! okey dokey adios

(Elder Chatoo)

P.S. OH yeah, and my mission DID get 3 new islands added on. The rumors are true. I knew a while ago but I forgot to tell you. It would be awesome to go to one of the islands, but I don´t think they´ll send us because they speak other languages that we don´t know and president hasn´t told us to learn them, but still cool!

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