Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey family!!

Haha that sounds like so much fun playing with the kiddoes this weekend. I really loved that picture of Jet in the snowboard get up. He is such a cool kid. hahaha.
So this last Monday we bought FANS!!! Wow it's been nice! Probably the best thing since, well the guy that invented fans. Woo.

So this week again we've been getting kicked in the pants again. It just plain Tough here. Ugh. It's been a number of days since we have been able to teach one of our appointments, everyone has been disappearing. Dunno, it's rough and we walk a lot but man after months in this area we are hoping we can find someone who will keep their commitments. We've still been having fun and doing goofy stuff everywhere, because well, a sad missionary just isn't successful. But we will be waiting for the day we can be happy to someone to accept the gospel, and stay too! I would send pictures, but it didn't work again... but I printed a CD that I am going to mail home. Oh, and thanks for the letters! I got them a few days ago mom. Wow, and thanks to the Kovandas for sending the card! Wow that was very generous of them! Okey dokey, I have to go but have a great week! I love you all!

PS. KIM did you get that letter I sent you?

OH yeah, almost everyone here has family in Florida or New York. Haha the people here ask me, where are you from? And I tell them California, and they ask oh is that in Florida or New York? Haha, yeah according to them those are the only two states. Hahah

That's cool with President Merrell setting the example. Our stake presidency is doing the same and the first counselor who came and spoke to our ward yesterday spoke about how he is doing on the challenge of helping one person a month to come to the gospel. In 3 months, he has already brought 5 people to the gospel, and baptized. I think it's so great how he is showing the example. But then again I felt pretty bad that I can't manage to baptize any, and 1 of the 2 that were baptized went inactive already.. ugh. We've been doing all that we can, but these people cannot seem to keep their commitments. We call and visit and tell their neighbors and they always seem to disappear on the day of their baptism or on Sunday for church. I don't get it. We found this awesome man, he was a reference of Gary J. Coleman of the Seventy! We started teaching him and he was SUPER prepared. He had learned everything and had a huge testimony, but before the missionaries could put a baptismal date with him, he moved. But we started teaching him here, and he is extremely intelligent, and we've been helping him try to stop smoking, but just like all of our investigators, he disappeared, and we tried to call him to see why he didn't go to church but his phone didn't work.. and that has happened every week now for more than 4 months. We see soo many miracles, SOO many people that are so prepared and are ready to be baptized, but something always comes up, and they disappear. It's been rough, walking and walking, we managed to teach 10 appointments this week, that's the day average the mission president expects... but everyone has been standing us up. We walk no joke 30 minutes to every appointment and take buses and call the people before to ask if they will be there, and when we show up they disappear. I've never walked so much in my life, Like you say I see no success, but wow I pray that all this work that I am doing will be worth while.

All we can do is just keep working and hope somebody wont stand us up. But yeah that's how it's been here, haha but like I always say, if nobody is changing for the work that I do, at least I am. Good to hear from you and have a great week, and tell the Home Teaching families I say hello!

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