Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello hello!

Hey good to hear from you all!

Really not a whole lot happened this week. The usual missionary things, knocking doors, teaching, trying to find people to come to church, visiting inactives, ya know the gig. It´s really tough but I tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than to see an inactive member that has years of not going, finally go to church because we´ve been visiting them. The members here are going to go out and visit all of the inactives there are... Maybe that's something everyone could do, because sometimes people just need a little push. With over 3 months with the same comp, it´s been fun, 3 transfers is actually a lot for missionaries to be together in this mission, but it´s been fun to get to know elder Pimentel. We are very different, but I´ve really learned to find the best in people that well, we almost have nothing in common. It´s fun, and I´m sure a good life lesson. We are hoping to have a baptism this Saturday. Although we´ve been trying to have one every week, we are thinking we will finally have success... Ha ha I´ll send the pictures.

If anything I´ve never realized how important personal study is, Those people that cannot keep a simple commitment to read a booklet, are not ready to keep eternal covenants, but the people that do, holy cow, it´s amazing that just by reading and studying sincerely, almost always gain a testimony. I´ve learned I can´t just give an answer when people just ask, AS missionaries, we don´t just give out fish, but teach to fish. And well it´s funny how the answer is always in the book of Mormon. I promise that book is inspired. there is no way Joseph Smith could have written it with Oliver Cowdery in two months. It has everything we need to help us with our problems, we just have to Look, and study! We are out here to teach people to fish, with the book of Mormon! haha cliché maybe but it´s true. Read it! I´m out here sweating and hiking miles trying to get people to read it, and if you´ve got a Book of Mormon sitting on the shelf really dusty.. haha yeah you get it.

Haha that's my message to you all family, an I hope you all have a great week!
Love you all,

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