Monday, February 8, 2010

Super di Doopers!

Heyoo Familia!

Whoa super crazy Week it´s been. This week for me has been all about music! The choir I´ve been working with has been a little tough as the members here have very little knowledge of music, but I´ve been doing what I can to help them. I´ve never realized how important music is in the church, that is reverent music.
We sang again in church this Sunday, the 4 of us missionaries, we did a cool version of “Nearer My God to Thee”, and we did some cool harmonies. I´m really enjoying putting together songs to sing in the church, because it really brings in the spirit. IF you have a talent don´t hide it, use it for good, and you can bless lots of people!

I think I told you before we are teaching this guy Kaleb, and we left him for a time, because he wasn´t progressing. We ran into him the other day and decided to talk to him. He told us to come by his house again, so we did. He is a singer and is pretty big here, and has a huge hummer that he gives us rides in when he sees us walking down the street. We talked to him the other day, and finally convinced him to go to our church, if we would go to his. He came and we had a great spiritual sacrament meeting. I was excited. And then last night we went to his church and wow we had a crazy experience. Wow! Three words: Free Rock Concert! Haaha, oh my, it was insane. Kaleb also knows how to play the drums so he played yesterday, it was pretty cool. Interesting how they were using what I have to say, awesome rock music, to worship. We just kinda stood there and observed the service, but I was able to see the difference between the spirit, and just having a good time. But wow, there were had to be more than a 1000 people there! A lot different than our little humble church. But something good came out of it. Afterward we talked to his Pastora (female pastor) and also the bass player and piano player of Kaleb´s band, who are Super talented are going to church with us on Sunday!

Pierre kinda disappeared off the face of the earth, we waited 3 hours for him to show to his baptism, which he said he was on his way, but never showed up, we talked to him, and ´Things keep coming up´. I dunno he just kinda lost interest. BUT We´ve been working SUPER hard, and wow, the other day we contacted this man, Jose. He is a retired police officer that lives alone. We gave him a booklet to read about the Restoration and came back and taught him. We found out he read and studied, and wow, when we went to teach him that the authority of God was lost years ago (Apostasy) he understood completely. Wow, what difference it made to teach a man who was intelligent, and willing to listen, we taught him that the authority of God was restored, and my companion recited Joseph Smith´s first vision, my companion started, and Jose finished it!! It was soo crazy, I didn´t know what to say, and he told us he knew what we were teaching was all true because it just felt so right. We invited him to go to church, and he said he would go for sure. He arrived with only 45 minutes left of church, but right in time for the testimonies. He waved and smiled and shouted HOLA to everyone while someone was sharing their testimony. Haha, it was funny. He seemed to enjoy the church, and all the members were friendly and went and talked to him afterward. We visited him that same afternoon. We went in and he started to tell us about his life and some of the hard thing he´s gone through. He said when he entered the church, all of the thoughts of his trials in his life came rushing into his mind. He remembered he had been in jail, and lost work, and got in fights, and finally his wife divorced him just a few years ago. He said he used to have such a hard heart, and was just rough with everything, and he realized his wife tried so hard to get him to soften his heart, but he didn´t listen. But he said all of those things prepared him for the day when two young men stopped by and told him about the Restored Gospel, that exists today. And he got that far, and then started to cry. He recognized the spirit that was there in the church, the spirit we brought with us when we entered his home. I decided to invite him to be baptized, He will be baptized next Saturday with Simon, the guy has almost read the whole Book or Mormon. We´ve been working hard, racing from appointment to appointment talking with everyone, and we have been extremely blessed. We´ve really learned to forget about our problems and troubles and just go, just go and talk to people, just go and serve. Haha, and the stories don´t just end there, we´ve been seeing miracle after miracle, it´s amazing how the Lord prepares these people so much! We just have to work really hard to find them.

Haaha, so oh yeah I forget the Superbowl happened, I didn´t realize how out of the loop I am here, but really I know absolutely NOTHING that's going on outside of Higuey. That sounds like soo much fun taking Jet Snowboarding!! Wow, tell Dane to take him a lot so that me and jet and Dane can go later! That would be so fun to go snowboarding with that little goober! hahahaha, ah and Kimmee, I'll write you letters but I can really send them from here... but when I can I will send them ok? Thanks for writing me paper letters, I really appreciate those! OK well that's all for now, next week I´ll have to send pictures of all the awesome food I´ve been eating. Loads of coconut for sure haha, and guava, and tons of bananas and platano and yuka, and of course loads of rice and beans. I love the food here, especially all the awesome fruit. haha, I´ll send you some.

OK I love you all and have an awesome week!
(Elder Chatoo as they call me)

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