Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

HA, you (mom) and dad are a crack up. your letters are almost exactly the same, and ordered the same. But Whoa I had no idea the Olympics are going on right now, ha the winter Olympics are the best, yeah I´m not sure if the word snow is even in the vocabulary of people here... no jk, but wow I didn´t realize how out of the world I am. I absolutely have No idea of whats going on anywhere.

So transfers are tomorrow, we got the call to know where we are going last night and I am going to.... dromroll.... STAY Here! haha, with the same companion too. I´m glad I´m not going, even though we have to walk 4 times as much as any other area and I´ve already busted my first pair of shoes, and food is 2 times as expensive here, I just really don´t want to leave some of these awesome people I´ve been working with.

Our word mission leader came back from Haiti this week, and went to church for the first time since I´ve been here in Higuey. It´s been a real blessing to have a word mission leader again. George is his name, and he spent the last month in Haiti with his family to make sure everything is OK with his family, he was also doing some work helping translate for the people helping out there in Haiti. Wow, he´s got some wild stories. He said the thing that left the biggest impact on him was seeing tractors scooping up piles of unclaimed bodies and loading them into trucks to take them out of the city. BUT on a lighter note, his family is all fine, which he was very grateful.

George has been helping us teach Hector the man that sells Coconuts. We were finally able to get him a book of Mormon on Creole, and he´s been reading quite a bit. It´s amazing, that book. Really if you think about it, without the Book of Mormon, we´d be just like any other religion. It was great to see Hector really understand the message we´ve been trying to teach. We´ve been teaching him in Spanish, but he really doesn´t understand much. In every nation, in every language! Man if I have come to appreciate anything, I have realized the importance of Humility and integrity. Hector is probably the most humble man I have known, He has so little but still is so willing to dedicate his Sundays to God. It´s so hard for people to leave work on Sundays here. That is probably the number one stumbling block for these people, but wow if there are two traits that will bring a person to salvation, it´s humility and integrity. Hector left to go to church on Sunday and looked and looked for the church but couldn´t find it. He had gone 3 times before, and said he knew how to get there, but still got lost. I felt so bad for the poor guy. But he still is excited to go next Sunday. Ha one time we were teaching him behind his house and during the lesson we were sitting outside, and some huge bug fell on my arm, I thought it was a spider, but luckily it was only cockroach. Ugh the spiders are way too big here.

We are hoping to have a successful week, and not just hoping but working hard to make it happen. Oh cool experience. My companion and I were walking down the street pretty far from the house to go visit this kid we are teaching. As we were walking down the street a thought came to my head, ¨never be too much in a rush that you can´t stop to help¨, and I wrote that down in my little planner. We were walking kinda fast, like we always do, but I decided to have my eyes open and not just race through the streets. I noticed this Haitian man, and he didn´t look too healthy walking down the street. I asked him, “Hey are you alright?”. And he responded something really faint, and then doubled over as if he was in pain. We found out he left his family in La Romana for a few days to look for a job here, and he hadn´t eaten anything in more than two days, and had been walking around in the hot sun. We ran and bought the guy some bread, oranges and some water at a colmado, and took him out of the sun, and asked this older lady who was sitting on her porch if she could watch over him. We left him with the lady and went on to the teaching appointment. About an hour later we came back and the lady said he regained his strength and left. We saw him later walking down the street off looking for more work opportunities. We waved to him and he said ¨Thanks!¨. God Looks after every single one of his children. He knows when they need help, and when they do he sends US to go an help them. There was no doubt the spirit put that thought in my head, ¨Don´t be too much in a rush that you can´t stop to help¨, because as missionaries we are always in a rush, just like everyone. That's my advice for this week, because we never know who is in need of our help. I´ve learned we can´t just expect someone else to help out, We need to do it.

But yeah that's all i have to say for this week, i´ll been looking forward to another 6 weeks here in Higuey!

Wee! Haha, love you

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