Monday, February 1, 2010

Sorry I don't write much. Emails are a pain.

Here are two fotos of Hector in front of his house, right before leaving to church, and his cousin Batoleme preparing his coconuts to go to sell them.

Well, the computer deleted my email I had written.. but I have 5 min still.
The picture I sent you is of this guy Hector, he is awesome, way humble, and funny. He always tries to give us coconuts, but he really has nothing at all. He doesn´t speak a ton of Spanish, but enough to communicate. We´ve been visiting him a lot, and he told us he has 3 children and his wife in Haiti, and he´s working here to support them, because he lost his job in Haiti. For a while he didn´t know his family was alive, but said he was able to call and found out they are all fine. I was so happy to hear that.

It also turned out that Pierre´s dad is still alive. He lived for 8 days pinned under the house on his stomach somehow. I can still hardly believe it. But yeah, it´s all good.

OK have a great week I love you.

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