Monday, January 25, 2010

Well hello!

Well this week sure was a lot better! Hahaha, That's all I got to say. We´ve been Killing ourselves we've been working so hard, and well my body hurts from hiking and running everywhere. Yesterday was Sunday and we decided to leave early to try to find tons of people to bring to the church. We walked miles and miles, and tried to bring everyone we could. Between the 4 of us missionaries here we had 22 investigators in the church, which is probably a world, no galaxy record. Haha, we were very happy to see the fruits of our hard work for the first time.

Unfortunately Pierre wasn´t able to make it to his baptism on Saturday. He got tricked by a pastor of some church that said he´d give him money so he could send stuff to his family in Haiti. Pierre´s family is sleeping in the street there, and they get wet at night when it rains, but this pastor said he was going to give him two tarps and stuff to send to his family so they can stay dry at night... but he never gave him anything. BUT, Nesto did show up to his baptism!! That was super awesome to see. I did the baptism in the river again, but this time a really clean and pretty one. When I can I´ll send the pictures. It was a miracle he was able to be baptized, as usual everything that could have gone wrong did, but after an hour of running around town and finding a member with a truck and a member of the bishopric, we were off on our way. God sure does expect us to WORK. We can just roll around here hoping good things will happen. We have to work and work, and after we can´t go anymore, and when it looks like there is nowhere to go, we have to keep working, and finally something will come. I never had my faith tested so much, but wow, I´m learning lot´s about faith.

Ha, WOW, had the MOST AWESOMEst experience this week, WOW. My companion and I were walking down the street when we decided to turn down this dirt road and see if we could find some people to talk to in the cement houses, set back in the trees. We started walking back when a man said “Hello” out of nowhere. He was sitting under the big palm tree leaves. I said hello and saw he was reading a book, that looked like the bible. I thought oh cool stuff lets talk to him, and we started to talk. I recognized something way too familiar about the book he was reading. The letters and print looked way too familiar, I read the top line of the book upside down and thought, NO way! It said Alma 42:10-45 I asked him to close the book, and as he did it read on the cover, The Book Of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ (in Spanish) I could´t believe it! It was a SUPER old copy too. HE said it was his uncle's book that he picked up and realized was the work of God, so he´s been studying ever since. He says he reads it on his free time and likes to mark and study and take notes. We showed him on our plaques that the name on the church on the side of the book is the same name on our plaques. We have been visiting and teaching him, he knows loads, he´s almost finish with the book of Alma. We are hoping to be able to baptize him in the next 2 weeks.

Oh hey, and did I tell you that I got Kim's package? Well Thanks! Those ties you sent were SWEET! Haha, and thank you to aunt Cherie too!! That was way too nice of you.

But yeah anyway we´ve been fasting a lot and stuff for the people in Haiti, but as for now I´m not involved in any service groups or doing anything of that sort, to answer your question mom. OK got to run now, but I love you all and have a super week.

OH wait! I forgot to tell you about the SUPER experience with Elder Bednar! Wow, it was amazing he spoke to the 40 or so missionaries here in LA Romana, and wow, That man is an Apostle of GOD!! Yikes, do what he says, I tell you it works. He spoke to us a lot about faith, and about teaching with the spirit. We are only here to help the spirit teach and convert people! Yeah super awesome, but anyway cool stuff, adios!

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