Monday, January 18, 2010

Earthquake... YIKES!

Yeah wow what an insane week. As you are probably wondering we are all fine here. We didn´t feel anything here in Higuey, and there is no damage, but wow what a horrible week. We heard the news on Tuesday at the bishop's house, and didn´t think it was a big deal, this earthquake, till one by one, the calls starting coming in of people saying they´ve lost brothers, sisters, parents and entire families. Ugh.

As you know we´ve been working really hard with Pierre. This man has gone through more trials and anything I´ve ever seen. On Friday we went to visit him an we had planned to teach him about a topic in specific, but when we arrived I felt a strong impression that I should teach him the plan of Salvation and the importance of temple work for the dead. It was crazy as I´ve never felt so impressed to teach him about something like that before. We left him and went to teach other people the rest of the day. At 7 o´clock at night we got a call from him, he told us him mom called him. He was in tears, and could hardly speak, and gave the phone to his friend to speak. His friend told us his cousin, his two brothers and his dad were killed in the earthquake. We went to go see him and he was pretty devastated. I tell you it´s sure not easy to see someone you really care for hurt that much. We did the best we could to comfort him. He showed us a picture of his old house, and showed us where supposedly his dad´s body is. He said the floor opened up, and his dad fell though and got trapped underneath. They still can´t get his body out..

And that's been the story with almost every single of our investigators. Almost all communications are down in Haiti, and the only calls that are coming through are reports of deaths. Hebert lost a brother and a aunt, and left yesterday with his brother in law to see if his family is still alive, because he hasn´t heard anything. Pierre was going to be baptized on Saturday, but had to leave to the capitol to find papers to try to go to Haiti. We tried to do the baptism on Sunday, but he didn´t come back in time. He leaves today for Haiti. I´m really worried about the people that are going there, because it´s absolutely insane. There are supposed to be tons of diseases going around there, because of all the dead bodies. The government I guess is in a wreck, and they are trying to keep people out. Every Haitian outside of the country wants to enter to see if their family members are still alive, as they haven´t been able to hear anything. It´s been a huge mess, and not fun hearing about so much death.

But I have to really be grateful that I everything that I have. It´s been raining all week, and the other day my comp was complaining about his shoes being wet, when I thought to myself, I HAVE shoes! Wow.. we have so much to be grateful for. After Seeing Pierre who lots his job, house, everything, and now his family, I´ve been thinking, wow I have so much.

But on a much lighter note, I decided to start a choir in the church here, and the members are pretty excited for it. It´s been pretty successful and also fun to teach them about music. Music is quite amazing, and relieves a lot of stress, because i´ve been insanely stressed out this week. Our mission president has been pressuring us a LOT to find new investigators, and so we worked really hard all week trying to find new people and inviting them all to the church, calling them and teaching about the importance of it and everything. On Sunday, not a single person went to church that we invited, only Nesto showed up. I´ve been having a tough time working so hard here without success when I see other missionaries meeting the standards baptizing families of 4 almost every week, and we still haven´t seen anything come out of our work here. But Nesto wants to be baptized so We are hoping we can baptize him and Pierre next Saturday, if Pierre can return safely! Whoo. Tomorrow Elder Bednar is coming! That will be awesome.

OK yeah that's all I have to say, crazy! Hope you all have a great week, and Count your blessings!

I Love you all.


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