Monday, January 11, 2010

HA well shoot dang!

Another crazy week here.
I am here with Elder Pimentel and a new elder named Elder Hopkins moved in, and the other American moved out. Elder Hopkins has the same time as me and he is an awesome guy.
We´ve been working hard trying to find some new people. It´s been really tough, but hopefully we can have some success. Like Elder Bednar says, “it's the missionaries job is to be full time teachers, the members job is to be full time finders.”
Remember that one, lots of members don´t understand that. Oh yeah and Elder Bednar is coming here to La Romana for a zone conference! I´m STOKED!! That will be super cool.

So this week we went to go help out Nesto, and he got a new job! Which is a really good thing, but he can´t go to church on Sunday because he has to work... which is a real pain. And we went to go visit his sister, but shes been acting very strange, and her mom said she is going to kick her out of the house and she is going to move to the capitol. We stopped by one more time just to see what wee could do. We had no idea what to say to help the family stay together, but just tried to listen to the spirit, and well.. it worked! And even better Joemary (Nesto´s sister) and her brother Joann and her mom all came to church!

Pierre has been progressing super good. I have never seen a man with more faith in my life. He moved into his new house, which is a lot better, but still a shack. He walked more than an hour to church on Sunday and loved it. He was also blessed with a new job, but every time he´s showed up to work, they didn´t have work for him. But we are praying he can finally start work, because if he doesn't he´ll get kicked out of his house again...

The work is super SUPER hard here. nothing is easy, but it´s all worth it. Every obstacle we could have imagined has been showing up and trying to stop our investigators from going to church, but like Pierre, who does whatever it takes to do whats right, was able to go.

Hebert has been doing good, and he invited his friend Emmanuel to church on Sunday again and he loved it. That was really good to see.

Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you Pierre is going to be baptized on Saturday. I´m super excited for that.

OK I don´t have loads more time, but I hope you all have a great week and stay to those new years resolutions!
(P.S. The photos are of the outside of Pierre's new home and Elder Pimentel & I with Pierre inside his home.)

Love you all,

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