Monday, January 4, 2010

Yip Yap Yippeee!

Bounjour fanmi!

Hey howdy! Sounds like a fun Christmas and new years for you all! I laughed my head off when I watched the video that Ryan sent me when jet hugged Santa. That's priceless.
We had a super new years. We ate some killer food at the bishop's house, he did an awesome bbq! Yeah! And we did celebrate at midnight, haha we went to bed early but set alarms to wake up at midnight, and see all the craziness, and eat root beer floats! Yeah there is a dollar store here that sells root beer and ice cream, its awesome. But it actually wasn´t that crazy here on new years, lots of people usually shoot off guns and drag stoves and refrigerators and stuff behind trucks to make tons of noise but that didn´t happen here. Only in the capitol.

But it´s been pretty super this week, because we´ve been blessed to see some more success. We have been working with the kid, Nesto, I told you about, and he told us, “yeah man this is my church”, and is super excited. We invited him to be baptized and he said, yeah of course! whohoo!

Also this week Elder Pimentel and I were standing in the street trying to figure out what to do when this Haitian guy game up to us and asked, how can I become a member of your church? We were super surprised, and we went right away to his house and taught him. He accepted the Restoration super fast, and told us he wanted to go to church. His Name is Pierre Lupson. HE doesn´t have a penny to his name, and when he came to church Sunday morning he told us he hadn´t eaten in a day and a half. He also is moving out of his house, which is literally the size of the upstairs bathroom, and has a tin roof. He has to move his bed, but the only time somebody said they would do it for free was Sunday morning, but he decided to go to church instead. I´ve never seen a man with so little, but with so much faith. Wow, we went over to his house Sunday night and taught him again, and sadly he still hadn´t eaten anything, but still listened so intently and told us he really wants to change his life, and live the gospel, ¨until the end¨ he said. He is 23 and was born in Haiti. He grew up in the Bahamas, and lived in Haiti, for a time after that, but had to move out here because his step dad was threatening him. He taught himself English and Spanish and Chinese, and was a tour guide here but has been out of work for two months. After this we are going to help him move into his new place. A member volunteered his truck to move his bed mattress thing across town. But yeah this guy is super nice, and more humble than anyone I have ever seen. Hopefully we can baptize him this week, and hopefully he can also start working again too. It's tough because we can´t give money to people, because that would cause major problems, but wow, quite an experience! Pray for him that he can find a job this week!

What more, uhh the members have been helping us out more! A guy walked almost an hour and a half to church with his 3 year old kid and wife, just because his friend Hebert talked so highly and told him about how great the church is. Hebert is the man we are working with, who can´t afford to divorce his wife in the states the left him. We´ve been teaching him Spanish and helping his family, and wow in return, he´s really helped us out as missionaries! Hebert´s friend Emmanuel said he liked church so much he is going to return to go to all 3 hours next week. pretty cool-

Well yup that's about if for this week. Transfers were this week, and I´m staying here for another transfer with the same companion. There is another new missionary coming out to work here. I hope you all have an awesome week and I love you!

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