Monday, November 23, 2009

y.... yo voy pa´ Higuey!!

Whoo Thanksgiving week! Haha I heard some people celebrate Thanksgiving here.. with a turkey and rice and beans. hahaha.

Well, tomorrow is transfer day y.... yo voy pa´ Higuey!! (as they say here). Yeah so check this out. I´m going out the the furthest area in the mission. It´s at the very very far end of the island, near Puerto Rico. It´s supposedly super campo or dirt poor. And...I´m opening up a new area, with a Dominican that has the same amount of time in the mission as me! Yeah ,two 3 month missionaries opening up an area in the most remote part of the mission. I am Super excited! This will be the real adventure! And rumor is I´ll get to be learning some Creole (Haitian dialect of french if you didn´t know). I don´t know the name of my companion, but he is supposed to be a real good guy. I´ll really get to learn cuz I'm sure he doesn´t speak English.

Well, it´s been really a pleasure to teach Nikel, (Anikele Ouvila is his whole name). We asked him about reading the Book of Mormon and he said he can read it all day. Before, he would attend other churches and they would give him reading material. He said he could never read it, because every time he would try, it would just give him a headache. But this is the first time he says he can actually read something. Because of that he has a huge testimony of the Book of Mormon. He will be baptized on Sunday and I´m sad I won´t be there for that, but I´m very happy for him.

Haha oh yeah, to be married here costs about 30 dollars, which can be much for some. If they are willing they can always make it happen, the Lord will help them!

Haha yeah it´s been fun without power. We´ve been eating food mostly from a comedor (dining room?) I have no idea what that would be in English... ,but yeah it´s good and we just cook with gas and have dry storage food. I´m a king now at dry storage cooking.

For sending packages I´ve seen people put Mary and Jesus pictures on them... I dunno just make sure you send it through the Florida pouch.

Haha and don´t worry mom, I´m safe here and on the biggest adventure of my life! And loving it. Have a great week family!

love you all.

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