Monday, November 16, 2009

The Biggest Adventure of my Life!

HA! I got one thing to say, tell Trent to NOT delay putting in his papers! Man alive, this is the biggest adventure of my life, (of anyone´s life!) why would anyone wait?

Boy oh boy, it´s been a Crazy two weeks. Sorry I didn´t write last week. My comp and I didn´t have a chance to get to a computer cuz it was a big holiday, and all the internet centers were full. I guess most of the mission couldn´t write home. It was D.R. Independence day.

This week has sure been a week of having our faith tested. So the mission norm is we are supposed to have at least 1 baptism per week. Last week we had our 5th time being stood up. It was not fun. We had to drop every single one of our old investigators that we had been working on for the past month, because they all stopped going to church and ya... We were praying hard for these three boys to decide to be baptized, but the mom put so many lies into their heads, and kept hiding from us that now they denied feeling the spirit and all that. But we didn´t give up and they are starting to come to church again.

Two weeks ago we met this Haitian man on the street, Nikel. He lives close to us and we stopped by and taught him a little,.We don´t know if he understood a whole lot, but he was very friendly. We came back again and gave him a folleto (pamphlet thingy?) in Creole. We read it with him and we was very accepting. He is such a humble man and is working so hard to earn money so he can return to Haiti and see his two kids and get married to his girlfriend. (People have kids, then get married here). He has been working for 4 years now and was looking for a church and searching for the Savior. We invited him to church and he said no.. , because he didn´t have clothes nice enough to wear to church. We struggled with him and he said it didn´t matter, and he said no. We even offered to give him clothes if he´d go and he still refused. We left and couldn´t keep teaching him if he refused to go to church. As my comp and I were walking home I got the thought, let's just give him some clothes anyway. We went to our house and I got one of my shirts and a tie and put it in a bag, with some cookies just for fun. We dropped the bag off on his porch that Saturday night. Sunday came and he didn´t show up, few investigators were there at church and it was rough, because we didn´t know what to do. We are really only supposed to teach those who go to church. Well, later that week the Zone Leaders gave us a book of Mormon in Creole, so we decided to try show our faith one more time and give the book to Nikel. We gave him the book and hoped for the best. This Sunday he showed up to all 3 hours of church, which the members don´t even do here... and wore the clothes I gave him! We visited him last night and asked him how he liked it and he said he had goosebumps all over and really enjoyed church. He says he is going to go every Sunday now. He even asked when he could be baptized! We were blown away and now he is going to baptized in 2 weeks! He doesn´t know perfect Spanish, well neither do I, but he asked for a Spanish book of Mormon, so he can participate in Sunday school. Also a man who was baptized two months ago, has been helping us teach his daughter. She was baptized last Sunday! It was great to see him baptize her. She was SOOO happy after her baptism and just beaming. I´ll send pictures next week.
But yeah, the work has been tough here but definitely worth it.

Haha, and no we still don´t have electricity... 4 weeks now. But at least we have water which is a HUGE blessing. We have been learning to cook habituelas (beans) and rice, and we´ve been living off that and fruit and it´s pretty tasty.

Hey TELL ROBBIE TO WRITE ME!!!! He still hasn´t written me and I want to know what the heck is going on with him! Sorry some family if I didn´t write you specifically much, I love you all! And I hope all goes well at work and you will be able to slow down the hours!

I love you! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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