Monday, November 2, 2009

From Elder Shattuck or "Elder Shack" as they say!

Hello Familia!

Sounds like fun! Haha yeah it was about 9 at night and Elder Blanch and I were walking home when I realized “shoot today was Halloween!” any idea how many people came this year? OH and by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! I hope it was wonderful!

Ayyy so this week has been.. just tough! We have been working with so many people and inviting them to church and to read and all that, but sadly few people have been interested. We had our 4th no show to a baptism last Saturday, which was sad. A lady in the ward made a cake and everything! It was going to be for Hector and his little brother Davidson, (Peña) and Hector was so excited for it, but right before his mom told him he wasn´t ready, and that he will just be baptized and fall inactive, (like she did). So we had to cancel all our plans to work with him to help him out. We had many investigators that are planning for baptism and are happy to hear our message, but we´ve had to drop them because they won´t attend church. Sadly we´ve had to drop more, because their grandparents wont allow us over. It´s been tough getting yelled at and kicked out and stuff. But we will keep working, and keep hoping we can find someone.
We had a fun run in with another priest the other day. We tried to commit him to read the Book of Mormon ,but he wouldn´t.

These evangelical priests keep showing up at our teaching appointments, it´s tough to try to teach the investigators with the the spirit when they are all trained to bash the missionaries.
But yeah wow, this week has pushed me more than I have ever been. It really made me think about what I´m doing here and if what I´m sharing is true, especially when everyone around me is telling me it isn´t. But one thing they can never deny is the Book of Mormon. Pretty cool.

I had a fun intercambio (exchange in english)? with an Elder that doesn´t speak any English, and I´m surprised at how much I actually know. Elder Blanch is from Colorado he has 16 months.

Our apartment is new, it´s with cement walls and tile floors. and thank goodness we have water. I spent 24 hours with Elder Beriguete, who doesn't have water. But it´s been a week and a half without power.. hopefully that will get fixed soon. I live in El Brisal which is near Mi Hogar, look up Mendoza, or Oriental, Tres Brazos. I dunno. Haha and nobody cooks and cleans for us, that's a joke. I´ve been living off rice and beans and oatmeal and fruit and other stuff. The beans here are REALLY good and way better then anything I've had before.

Haha yeah i´m getting eaten by mosquitoes and there are cockroaches everywhere. It´s fun to shake the bugs out of my bed each night when I go to bed. Haha and I´m not joking. We don´t wash in a river, we just wash by hand. We don't have bikes and we buy water bottles to drink.

Oh yeah, that fan cut my hand, nothing serious though. Haha you are funny mom. Haha do I miss luxuries from home. Yeah you bet like a hot shower and electricity and... yeah lots of stuff, but it´s a way fun adventure here. Haha it´s like a 2 year camping trip! Haha you know me I love all these adventures.

I´ve been pretty down this week having to drop so many people, but hopefully something will work out with some new people. For Christmas.. uhh money so I can buy new pants. I grew out of half of them. and good candy? I´ll have to think about that and get back to you. Yup, that's about it. Haha yeah I never can think of stuff to write so ask questions if you want details, haha. But really I know what I´m doing here right now is really tough, but I´m doing the work of the Lord and he will bless us if we stay faithful and keep working. Have a great week and eat lots of salsa for me! haha


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