Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello this is Edgar from PG&E, Iwant to inform you that your electric bill was not received this month and... JokeHello familia?

How are things at home? Sounds like Mom and Kim are having fun with the el kiddos! Haha, I read the part of the letter of Jet wanting more sacrament in my class and everyone laughed.

Well the CCM (MTC) is pretty much.. AMAZING! I'm loving it here and yes the food is pretty good and I've been loadin up while i still can. It seems I've learned more in this past week, than in this past year. It's the best thing to feel the spirit all the time and have it guide me in all I'm doing. As much as I love it here, It sure is tough! But then again if it wasn't hard then I wouldn't be trying hard enough. My district is the best, we are already super great friends even after just one week. My companion is Elder Jenkins from Caldwell (Idaho) or however you spell it, and he's from the land of potatoes. Oh ya and Espanol! Super bien! I Lost a few of my socks because they keep getting blown off by how fast I'm learning Spanish. Really no joke, studying before helped, but being able to pray and share my testimony and even teach a 20 min lesson only after 5 days isn't because of my own knowledge! So Cool! But then again I know I have SOOO much more to learn.

My teacher Hermano Stocking (Hermano “Tocking” how it's said), is super awesome and reminded Elder Jenkins last night how much we need to learn we he started talking to us like a Dominican. My other teacher Hermano Aldredge is great too. We like to tease him and call him the “borne”, cuz he looks like Matt Daemon. His first name really is Jason too. I sent a letter the other day, I don't know if you got the letter I sent the other day but thank you for the cookies and letters!

Important, I need to be MAILED the date for when the typhoid was started and finished, and there might be something else I need for my immunize records, but I can't remember what that is right now..Anyway, being a missionary is really great and I know it's the best thing that I could be doing right now. I was made senior companion, even though that doesn't really mean anything here in the MTC, but haha, as you would have guessed I've been really pushing my companion when we study and stuff. Ha and no he doesn't hate me yet. ;) But really it's so neat to all be working together in a righteous purpose.

If you see the West family or the Watts tell them JT and Brandon.. or I mean Elder Watts and Elder West are doing well. It's crazy because I know at least 1 elder per district it seems, and it's so fun to see so many of my old friends who decided to go on missions who I haven't seen in months and years.

Thank you again for being such a huge support! I really appreciate it and it means a lot! I love you all.

ELDER Shattuck.

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