Saturday, April 25, 2009

Steven's Mission Call!

Steven received his mission call to the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission on Saturday, April 18th. We were all excited waiting in anticipation for him to open his letter. He gathered all of his friends and 3 brothers around at 7:30 PM in the lobby of Rogers Hall (BYU Heritage Halls) for the big announcement. Ryan called everyone that wasn't there and put us all on the conference line on speaker phone. Steven of course took his time opening it, and then said he was called to serve on the "Sea of Tranquility (the moon)". Yea yea, silly Shattuck boys! When he finally read his call, everyone in the room yelled. Those of us on the phone had no idea what he said. Oh it was soooo frustrating! Finally after about 2 minutes, Steven told us where he was going. It was hard to celebrate since we couldn't hear above the screaming.

Now that we know, we are happy for him to go serve in the Caribbean and speak Spanish to wonderful people in the D.R. We feel honored and blessed to be able to have another son serve a mission for the Lord. The departure to the MTC in Provo is August 12th, then shortly after that he'll be sent to the Dominican Republic MTC. We know he'll be a terrific missionary!

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