Monday, June 20, 2011

hApPy HaPpY hApPy

JOE JOBY DOE!!! Oh I miss those stories!! Haha I remember being so scared when dad would pound the top of the car with his hand pretending with was “Joe Joby Doe”.I'm sorry I don't have a whole lot of time. Today we had a last minute good bye with my mission president again. It was fun.

On Wednesday night something cool happened. The light here has a schedule. It ALWAYS goes out every day at 10:00AM comes back at 1:00PM. Leaves at 6:00PM comes at 9:00PM. Leaves at 12:00AM and comes back at 5:30AM. But it has just been a KILLER hot week. The night before I couldn't sleep with how hot it was. Like 89 or 90 degrees with 120 percent humidity. The whole day I was tired. Anyways, when I was going to bed, we had AC, but I knew the light was going to go out. I thought it was worth a try to ask in my prayers for light just so I could sleep. The next morning I woke up totally refreshed and ready for the day. I asked my companion if the light had left and he said no. I was totally amazed it worked. Apparently not just for me, but for the whole sector. In my WHOLE area the power didn't go out. People were all talking about it. Wow that was so weird the light didn't go out. I thought, “wow”, the one day I decided to ask God to help out, and he DID!! Coincidence? I doubt. I told my investigators and they all joke with me and say, “wow you need to do that more often”!!
We've been teaching this SUPER cool guy “Jerry”. It is spelled “Therry” in French, but kindly pronounced “Cherry and Jerry”. Between the two. Anyway, he is Haitian. That's why he has a cool name. He is SOOO excited when he reads the Book of Mormon. He thought it is so cool the Bible talks about it, and that the Book of Mormon supports what the Bible teaches. He wasn't so crazy at first, but now he is totally excited. He showed up with his white shirt and everything to church!

Hey, well I gotta split, but I hope you all have a good week, next week pictures!!

Happy Fathers Day, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday JUNE!

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