Monday, June 13, 2011

Elder Shattuck Here! reporting.

Oh the fun, the fun. It's been super mega hot here wow. Talk about mosquito dinner. I got some welts on my arm from last night. The ac does a good job, when there is light.

Yesterday we had a super day!! Haha, we got bashed by a lot of crazy Catholics with some pretty wack ideas. That was fun. Almost EVERYONE lets us in, but it is getting tough to get people that will actually read the stuff we leave them. However, if people accept or not, I'm no too worried. Just as long as I do my duty to teach. That's all that it is... teaching, not preaching or anything. I can't stand people that we talk to and try to preach to us. I like our method... just as a few people told us the other day. We didn't teach much, but we taught them about prayer. I like to tell people about the thing I do. Like write down the stuff they ask for in their prayers just to see if God is really listening, and giving them those things. My friendly helper, the Spirit, has been doing a good job teaching people about that.

Ramon is officially hiding from us. yay

But this kid, Ernesto, finally went to church, after a few weeks.. months of teaching him. I tried Bible scriptures and everything, The Book of Mormon works too, but the (general) conference talks are just STELLAR to teach people about what God is telling his prophets RIGHT NOW. Like they said once in conference, a living prophet is more valuable that a dead one. I have definitely seen people's reactions. Everyone wants to fight us about the Bible here, because everyone knows it, but they never fight with the stuff we teach from the conference magazine. They just can't. So that's what we have been doing.

My personal favorite is asking people what they think their life's purpose is all about. I haven't got a straight answer from anyone yet. I love to teach them the Plan of Salvation. That's fun to see people understand why in the world they are really here.

We don't have a whole lot of people this week (to teach), so.. .but I did give my companion a Haitian military haircut! Yeah, with a razor blade and a comb. You just clip the razor blade on the comb and cut away. I saw some Haitians on the street doing it, so I thought i'd try it. It works pretty good and only costs 5 pesos! My comp tried to cut his own hair, cuz he saw me doing it, and well, let's just say he didn't do the best job. That was pretty hilarious when I found him with a million bald spots on his head. He still has bald spots but it's a little bit better at least.

I get a long really good with my companion. Good or bad we are always laughing at everything, and I haven't had one dull or boring moment. I've learned it doesn't really matter what happens to me as long as I have a plate of rice and beans to eat, and NOT Herring Locrio, opig footot soup, or a big giant gate hasn't fallen on my head. I will be just fine.
I love you all have a week.

P.S. (Commenting on Elder Taylor McBride's accident):
yeah he was in the area that borders with mine. I was going to call him up to spend the p day with him... so yeah I would have been there with them... It was kinda chaotic when our president was trying to have the last conference with us and the hospital was calling every 10 minutes. I think I might end up teaching the people he was teaching so they can get baptised. We'll see.

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