Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Mi familia! Como eta to? Ahora tamo en el conde en el capitol. Fuimos al templo hoy, y ya yo tengo sueño! Levantamo a la 4 y meida ete mañana!

Haha have fun using a translator to understand Dominican! So my companion is Elder Pimentel. He´s from Santiago, and he´s an awesome guy. We have fun. It´s been a big help with my Spanish because he doesn´t speak English, neither do the other elders in the house, but they´ve been helping me to understand. I´m in Higuey. We also have a branch in Barvaro, but the other 2 missionaries mostly go there. Higuey is huge and it has a little bit of everything. If you look on a map you can see the Visilica. I live about a mile west of the Visilica, which is a HUGE catholic church. Higuey is on the far east side. Btw, it´s the furthest area in the furthest zone. We are about in the middle of nowhere it seems, and then bam there's a huge city.

As far as thanksgiving I didn´t even know it happened. We were eating rice and beans when the zone leaders passed by to drop off resources when one of them told us it was thanksgiving! Haha. But we decided we are going to cook a turkey for Christmas and stuff it with morro. (rice with guandules)

Hahaha Elder Marte ,my district leader, is standing behind me and trying to read my letter. He doesn´t know English and pronounced rice, reese, and the word like.. leek. I´ve been helping him out with his English too. Its hilarious.

This week we´ve been meeting lots of people. We are really lucky to be working here and to have a ward with so much excitement to be helping us. That is really a blessing when we don´t have the drag the members to give us references, because if a ward is excited about missionary work, the work, fourples. Or more. Btw, did you do your homework and give the missionaries some names to teach, and even better, go with the missionaries to the appointments?

Had a fun experience riding on a back or a motorcycle to an appointment with a member. We had 3 people on it, but wow you´d be amazed what Dominicans can fit on a motorcycle. One elder once told me he saw a family of 7.

Oh yeah and thankfully we do have electricity most of the time, our shower is broken so we bucket shower. At least we have water. Oh and my p-day is still Monday. It´ll stay that way, we just had it today because we went to the temple.

OH Yeah! I just remembered. I stopped by the CCM after the temple and I talked to one of the teachers there that also lives in my old ward in Mi Hogar, and I found out that Nikel WAS baptized! Í was really happy to hear about that.

Okey dokey have a great week family! Great to hear from you!



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