Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hola mi familia!

Whoo Hoo! Sounds like life is busy!!

I had to laugh that dad knows Michael Olsen, Elder Grant is actually sitting next to me right now. Small world. Haha and don't worry Mama, I'm doing much better now, there are lots of bugs that have been going around here from who knows what, but nothing serious to worry about! :)

That's great you still have a chance to read the scriptures dad! I've really been getting into reading them and the amount of stuff we can get out of them is insane! There is ALWAYS something we can learn from the scriptures, so keep it up! I've been using every free time I have to study from them, and I learned something this week, it isn't scripture study if we don't have a pen in our hands! That's my challenge this week.

This week has been fun, one of the Seventy in the Caribbean area came and talked to us on Tuesday, I actually met the same man in Puerto Rico at the airport. It was a super fireside/talk thingy.

OH bummer I haven't received Kim's letter yet! :( I've been looking forward to that, but it hasn't come. I got your letter mama though! Thank you! Haha you crack me up with those pictures you sent and want me to label. funny

Whoa that sounds pretty cool about what Bruce is doing! All of us missionaries think it would be really cool if there was a hurricane and we could spend all day doing service. I'll have to write Bruce.

Oh gee what else fun and exciting has been happening here that i need to tell you about.. It's been really HOT here, and humid, but I love it so all is good, It's crazy when it rains here, It storms crazy like with huge lightning and rain for 20 minutes then stops, its pretty fun to get caught in the middle of it.

Oh yes and conference is something we are VERY much Looking forward to, haha, probably as much as Christmas as you said in the letter.

I´ve noticed something while being here, old men are impossible to understand, Haha, I never realized that but do old men mumble and talk weird in the U.S.? My companion and I tried to talk to this old man, at the university, and I'm sure he was trying to tell us something that appeared important but I didn't get a single word he said, we just gave him a folleto and left. It's not fun not knowing what people are saying to us half the time! :)

Okey dokey I got to go now but keep being awesome!


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