Monday, October 19, 2009

Exciting Times in Mi Hogar!

How is everything? Sounds like Lots and Lots of exciting stuff is going on! oh by the way Happy Birthday pops!! Too exciting too!

So you probably want to know what I´ve been doing. Arrived in my first area here in Mi Hogar, it's the oriental zone.. if that means anything to you. I´m in the city area, and I´m absolutely loving it. The ward here is tiny, but everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to, but as soon as we say we want to invite them to church or say we want to teach them, they are.. busy... haha. So it´s been a little tough to keep people to teach now. But there is this new guy Luis that was baptized right before I arrived and now he is a ward missionary and he has been helping out lots with us teaching. The only thing is I can´t understand a single word he says. My companion Elder Blanch, who is really awesome and very helpful. (btw, he says that if I can understand Luis I will be able to understand everyone.) For the most part though, I say what I need to say, and teaching is much easier. But regular chat is tougher, however, I´m getting better every day.

The ward is really small, about 50 is people more or less. The bishop is 25 years old too. Crazy but he is a good guy. Hmm what else.. oh yeah it's hot... really hot. I´m always dripping wet, but it´s not that bad. There are tons of green trees and cool stuff like that all over, but the streets are pretty dang nasty. We like to play games with my comp like name that nasty smell. “Is it a dead animal or garbage.. or other gross stuff?”

We have been teaching lots of people. We have 5 people with fechas (dates) to be baptized, and we hope those will go through in the next 2 weeks. I´m learning a bunch from listening and teaching. My companion and I had a run in with an evangelical preacher at one of our appointments. That was interesting. It really made me realize that this Book of Mormon it so so true. Every false doctrine he (the preacher) was saying and trying to catch us with was the same that Nehor used in Alma 1 verse 4. Read it. It´s interesting... super fun. I love teaching and talking to people. Not everyone is straight forward here all the time, but its kind of a game to get the real information out of them.

Oh wow, so the other day a huge school bus driving down the road had flashing lights and huge speakers. It was blasting super loud hip hop music. I waved at the people at inside and it turned out to be a bunch of elementary school kids!! haha Everyone here is open with their music, everyone has enormous speakers that blast 24/7. The culture is very open with everyone. They like to always share, especially their music. I rode a taxi the other day with 7 people piled in that thing. I thought I was going to die! The driving is so nuts and I almost fell out of a guagua (bus) that took a fast sharp turn and I barely caught myself before falling out. Super fun! But don't worry mom, us missionaries are really protected if we do whats right!! ahh... lots to say, but I´ll write more details in the cartas (letters) or something and send it snail mail. Have a great week and I hope all goes well with my brothers!!!! hahaha.

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