Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello hello!

Sounds like fun times at home! Sorry I've taken forever to get this to you, but my Favorite scripture is Isaiah 12:2. Oh and I can't get on to the link but next time if I send pictures, I'll try to send only a few and tell you what they are.

Weeeelll, this week went by very fast! It's been fun and I really enjoy the food here! Some meals we have may I say are... interesting, like this grease that they add some bologna meat to.. or whatever it is to it. But other than that it's tasty, and the Mexicans sure can't make good abichelas compared to here! The facilities at the CCM are very nice, our rooms are pretty fancy with our own bathroom and showers, it's nice! Some days get long staying on the 4th floor of the building, (CCM lever) for over 48 hours sometimes and not seeing the sun. When we do go outside it's always cookin hot, but I love it.

Haha, oh the traffic here in the city is RIDICULOUS! Hahah! The other day walking to the university we saw 10 taxis, with no joke 8-9 people in each car with people hanging out the windows. Keep in mind, these cars are no bigger then any other taxi. Stop lights are optional here. If you want to go, you just lay on your horn and keep going, almost every car has a huge dent in the rear or fenders, well pretty much every car here looks like a demolition derby car.
I got a new bible two days ago, it was expensive but well worth it, you might have heard, it's the new church issued bible. It's the Reina-Valera version but a different translation so it's a little more accurate, or a little bit closer to the King James we use in English. It's awesome with all the footnotes and cool stuff!

Oh what else is fun to tell you about... Oh thank you for the letter Mom! Letters are great! That's so wild about the fires and the helicopter dropping water on Kim's car!
Oh sorry there are no pictures, they are kinda funny about when we can and can't take pictures, and we were only allowed the first day to do that.

Well, that is for stories. My testimony has been growing loads here, and it's been fun to share it in Spanish with a lot of people, that are so polite and willing to listen. Actually I was turned down for the first time by someone who didn't want to listen to the missionaries, it was quite a shock! Other than that, I just love talking to the people here. My Spanish is not the best, and I tell them that. We just laugh and I share the gospel with them and they in turn teach me a few things in Spanish!

Oh so I have a message for Dad or whoever to pass on to the priest and teachers in the ward. (actually the deacons too.) But tell the Teachers I was thinking about them and tell them I have some super advice on what they can do now that will make a big difference on the mission. Tell them to SING THE HYMNS!, and learn to sing them well! If any of the priests are being bums tell not to be. Few FEW people can sing the hymns well here, I don't know why. Music can really bring the spirit in... if you know the tune, and can sing half decently, and anyone can do that if they just sing them in church and such. Let the priests know, all one or 2 of them, how important it is to learn to teach from PMG (Preach my Gospel), that's a huge one too.
OK love you and have a great week!

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