Thursday, September 24, 2009

And YOU Thought Utah Drivers were Bad!

Hahah, yeah it's pretty good Spanish, except we don't say “letra” here, we just say “carta”.
Sounds like crazy times. That's really interesting that the church is starting to do part time . I never heard of that.

Today is an exciting day. 20 neuvo nativos arrive here at the CCM. Sadly I won't be getting any new roommates, but the people here will double from 30 to 60, and it's already packed. Still not sure how they are going to fit all those people on one floor.

We had a chance to go to the store this week. we took a “guagua” to the supermercado, and wow, I'm still amazed how we didn't get into a wreck. I thought Utah drivers were bad, it's like a free for all on the roads here, and nobody drives in the lanes. You just drive wherever you want.
Spanish is coming along, I can talk to people on the street, except the funny thing is I'm still not sure what language they are speaking back to me yet, for all I know it could be Italian. They ask my companion and I questions on the street about the Book of Mormon we gave them, and all we do is smile and nod. Haha

Thanks for sending the letter! I looked at the date it was sent and it took 11 days about.
What else fun happened, oh past Saturday I got some weird bug and I was out for a day but it wasn't anything too bad, all is better now. Well I'm just about out of time but I hope everything goes well with family! adios!

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  1. Denise, this blog is beautiful. It gets me so excited about when my boys go on missions. Steven sounds and looks great! How exciting for him to be there now! Thanks for sharing this with all.