Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July. Haha I remember my last companion asking me if this country also celebrates the 4th of July.

Today it is raining. We were going to play kickball with other missionaries today, but there is lots of rain.

I fell asleep in the hammock today, and now there isn't time to do fun stuff. Next week we will do something exciting, and thank you for the box! It was received.

I made my last agenda thing, sad! Oh and I did meet the new mission president. He has a funny accent like my last president, but this one is from Puerto Rico. His wife looks just like you, mom, but just speaks Spanish. They are the two whitest Latinos I have ever seen.

On Sunday, Michael and his wife went to church with their little baby and older son and niece. They wanted to do the baby blessing, but the bishop said no. It was still good to have them there. They were planning on getting married and baptised right before I left, but now Michael wants to move to the U.S. This isn't the first time I try to marry a couple that has kids, and after they already commit, the man gets some wild idea of leaving his family to work in the US to send the family money. Satan puts that idea in (his head). Michael was so excited to get married and his wife really wants to also, and now this random idea. So we have to find a way to convince him that ditching his family and his newborn baby is a bad idea. But at least he goes to church and reads the Book of Mormon. Every time we go we just talk about the family. The members are really willing to help out.

Other than that, nothing is new. Have a great week!
P.S. Here are pictures of a baptism of the hermanas, Jack. He did a psychology test on us to see if we have mental disorders. I don't have any!

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