Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello hola como esta!

Well I've been here a week and it's been super DUPER awesome!

I Just got back from the temple. It's literally right next to the CCM. It's pretty nice to be so close.
I pretty much love this place. I tried to send some pictures but, these computers won't let us do that, and it'll cost like a bizillion dollars to try to print and send them home. I'll just have to wait til l I get out into the field to send any.

Elder Upshaw (From Texas and my companion) and I had a chance to go contact at the university. That was quite an adventure. Most people are very open to us, and only a few started laughing when they heard our bad Spanish. One man came up to us and talked to us for 30 minutes... too bad we had no idea what he said. We gave him a book of Mormon anyway and told him to read it.

The food here is pretty good. Lots of beans and rice here, and they make them really good. And we still haven't figured out what kind of meat they give us for lunch here.. We are thinking it's cat or something, even though they tell us it's some part of the pig. Who knows.

What else fun and exciting has been happening here... Mostly I've been studying lots of Spanish! All day every day in the classroom studying, except for the once a week we went to the university. The city is beautiful here. Tons of huge towers that look like people decided, oh I'll just add another 10 floors to this building and support it with sticks so it doesn't fall over. Haha, probably not, but I do love the weather here. It's not too hot, like 80-90ish it's really sticky, and i love it.

So I guess Labor day happened? That's neat that so many people went to the temple! The temple is really pretty here because it's a orangish color. I like it.

That's weird to hear about uncle Doug.. The time difference is 3 hours here.. Maybe it'll change to 4 when to US does daylight savings. I dunno how that works.

Oh hahaha, on the plane flight over from slc to Dallas, we flew with the cougar club, and they were talking about BYU the whole time. I heard they won and it was crazy. My companion heard that in a letter. Tell people to send letters! Mail is great! OKey dokey got to go! Hope all is well!

Elder Shattuck

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  1. Denise,

    I remember Elizabeth making the same comment about not understanding Dominicans when she first got into the field. I think their Spanish tends to be very sloppy.

    I bet Esteban is having a wonderful time. Reading his letter brought back so many memories for me. I would love to go back to Chile if the tickets didn't cost between $1500-2000 each!

    Take care,